Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Vintage tea towel Tuesday, the weather and other mundane things...

It's Spring

isn't it?

isn't it???

Spring by name, not by nature

(that's hailstones in those agaves of ours... pic taken this arvo)

We chose a wild and crazy day for a walk along the beach...

Scarborough Beach 8am - swimming not an option!

that's the way we roll round here sometimes...

we did find 'treasure' though.

Anth was just the man to drag it back to the car - it would've been reclaimed by the sea, or another scavenger if it was up to me.

There are signs of Spring about the place,


just not today.

Last week I received a parcel of lovely vintage tea towels from Sue. You can read about Sue's kindness (and appreciation for 'fluffy' jokes) here. The t.ts. belonged to Sue's Mum Barb, and now yippee! they belong to me. Feast your eyes on their loveliness

As far as t.ts go I've been an extremely lucky girl lately. Look at this beauty, all the way from the Emerald Isle

Sent to me by Sharon  who had no idea I fancy myself as a bit of an Irish dancer*

Nor for that matter, that I went by the name Colleen for a short (but oh so sweet!) time when I was ten or eleven. I thought it was such a lovely name, (I know!) so much nicer than Kylie. My Mum put paid to that little deception, pretty quickly though, don't you worry about that!
She had no knowledge of my secret identity, until a friend (completely sucked in by my subterfuge) knocked on our door (Mum got there quicker than me!) and asked if could she play with, yep, my alias, Colleen.
Smacks were definetely involved. Lots of them.

* only after a glass, or two etc.

Thanks for reading, if I don't post for a while it's because I'm trying to get my head around blogger's new interface. Oh dear. This could take me some time...



  1. Love that Irish dancing teatowel and your alias of Colleen. I myself was equally unimpressed with 'Melissa' when I was 5 and for several months would only answer to Catherine, with a C of course (I think there was a gorgeous blonde haired blue eyed girl in my class with this name and I just so wanted to be her) melx

  2. I love the fairy wrens and the irish dancers. And also the nasturtiums.

  3. I love the irish dancing tea towel, it coulda been tacky but its actually rather cool. Like "jill" the name i went by briefly in my younger years. How could i have thought i qas the only person to change my name! Colleen tho, thats flash!

  4. I wanted to be called a girls name starting with M, so much better I thought than Philippa!

    I adore the little blue birdies!

    Pick your favourite tt and I will macrame a fringe on the bottom of it! Make a noice wall hanging for ya Colleen!

    P xx

  5. Love your little Irish dancer TT! And you rec'd so many wonderful TTs from Sue! Happy day.
    Love the Colleen story - fancy name for a little lass.xx

  6. The weather was certainly wild today...not so much hail for us but boy oh boy that wind!!!

    great collection of TT's. xx

  7. I love the stormy beach pic.
    The Irish dancer TT is just the sweetest.
    By the way you'll be fine with the new interface, just jump on into it.

  8. Oh Coleen/Kylie, I think we have all wanted to change our name at some stage, I certainly did!
    Great pics. Look at that hail! Nothing like a walk on the beach in a brisk wind to blow any cobwebs away...
    Lovely tea towels, the Irish dancers are gorgeous. Now for a clip of you (after a glass or several) doing your best Riverdance, please! xxx

  9. Hi Coleen - did I see a few Scottish bits and pieces among those tea towels??
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  10. My mother went through a phase as a teenager when she called herself Jacqueline, and I remember thinking that was really weird when I was a kid, since I knew her name was Martha. As a result, I shied away from making up a new name for myself, even though I hated Dana. Boy, did I resent never being able to find barrettes with my name on them.

    Your new tea towels are awesome. I especially love the blue birds and the Irish dancers. Makes me want to get up and do a little jig in honor of my great-grandfather, John O'Kelly.

  11. I'm so glad you liked the TT Kylie - and that it gave us a chance to find out about your secret identity. Great story (to be sure, to be sure)!

    All the other TTs look lovely too - how nice of Sue!

    Lucky you to be heading into summer. I can't believe winter is just around the corner here - it has snuck up on us very quickly this year!

  12. You're hilarious. And I was obsessed with the name Ethel when I was a kid. So funny.
    Those tea towels are lovely by the way. x

  13. well, it's getting on to Autumn here, and it's been blazing sunshine for two days! haha!! The weather is crazy

  14. Ohh the blue wren t.t is lovely.
    I did a year or two of Irish dancing when I was younger and enjoyed it. Love the tea towel too.

  15. I love your beach treasure Kylie! Happy spring x

  16. Oh my gosh I would have grabbed that beach treasure so fast people would have thought they seen a lightning streak right before their eyes. *lol*
    I have a Auntie Colleen and when My brother and I were little we pronounced her name "Auntie Clean" For at least 5 years between me first then my brother that is what she went by.
    She still bugs us about it and signs her cards "Auntie Clean"

  17. blogger's new interface, just now?
    oh dear...
    i'm otherwise enjoying fall here, i mean, ENJOY.
    hard to fathom you're onto spring there, but then again, surprise does catch me unawares regularly.
    what will the beach combing result in, i wonder?

    1. i my start calling you collie, but that's not what you mean, is it? ;)))

  18. Your husband is hilarious! I snorted out coffee at that photo of him with his 'catch'. Mine is not much better, mind you. We have one of those orange buoys in our back garden too - hauled in from the beach by the man of the house - and it's attached to a length of bright green nylon rope. So attractive. Not. Sometimes he takes that stupid thing and swings it about over his head - one day the ball will come off and go flying into a neighbour's window.

    We have a huge chunk of drfitwood too, in the front garden, with a large thick rusty nail and bolt sticking out obscenely- it's like a piece of weird modern sculpture. What is it with blokes?

    Love your hailstones, by the way - makes me all nostalgic for South Africa and those ferocious hailstorms followed by bright sunshine.

  19. Spring i don't think i will ever get my head around everyone living under the same moon and sun and having different seasons at different times ;-)) Those hail stones looked huge. And that beach looks gorgeous and so peaceful and restful a good place to just go and sit. Loving the Irish dancers tea towel and i love the way you have made the others dancing to show us the variety you recived thats really clever ;-)) Good luck with blogger, dee x

  20. The first three days of spring were gorgeous here. I actually washed windows!! Then came the storms and another on its way so we have been teased.

    Only my sister at 16 would be crazy enough to swim in that water!
    Sherry :)

  21. I love the t.towel from Sharon - so pretty! I've not tackled the blogger new interface thing but I know I will have to. Maybe I will wait to see how you get on!