Saturday, February 4, 2012

Not all wolves are big and bad,

Illustration by Les Gray

from Little Red Riding Hood

vintage Little Golden Book, published in 1972.

(and I'd kill Grandma too, for lashes like that!) * 

sometimes they're tiny and good, just like my friend Nadine (a.k.a. Woolfy)

Woolfy has just opened a teeny-tiny little shop she calls tinyWOOLFIn it you will find beautiful, little treasures, hand-made by Woolfy herself, all so petite you'd think only a fairy could make them.

To remind yourself that good things do come in small packages, click here and here to check it out. Woolfy would be very happy to meet you, she's lovely, nothing at all like this scary chap...


* not really!


  1. That first wolf looks a little camp, and a little bit busting-for-the-bathroom. Will check out your little friend!

  2. Ive checked her out and what cute items! Scarlett x

  3. I cute wolf - now that's something I never thought I would see! Lovely illustrations, they are so typical of the time. xx

  4. Hi Kylie, thanks for the link, her items are really interesting. Hope you get a Sunday lie in. Tam x

  5. I must've had this LGB as a child, because I remember that wolf.
    Thank you for the link. x

  6. Those as such cute illustrations. I have got to remember to check out vintage kids books next time I'm at the op shop, and find some to frame :)

  7. Hi There , Have passed on an award if you would like to play.
    Hope you are having a lovely weekend. xxx

  8. kylie!
    i bow my head in total awe, and humble-bility. ahem.
    my teeth are fading, one by one.
    i am at a loss for words, no less.
    kylie, kylie...

    tinyWOOLF, x

  9. aahh we have been doing the story of little ridinghood at school. We have been writing and drawing pictures of the characters and they have made masks and been acting it out. Its a lovely story. dee x

  10. Lovely illustrations, that first wolf seems quite the charmer with those lashes! xo

  11. Great pics, how many little golden books are there do you think? i seem to just keep stumbling across new ones in every oppie. melx

  12. Totally agree Kylie, one talented lady, her work is so unique.

  13. Sounds like a fun shop! Love the pictures!

  14. Naaawww!!! They are teeny tiny. Very lovely work. What a clever friend you have xx