Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hello to you all on this wintery cold Sunday afternoon. It's freezing here, the kind of cold that gets into your bones and makes even someone like me (Autumn and Winter are my favourite seasons) long for Summer. Our house looks like a Chinese laundry...there is washing draped over every available surface and the clothes dryer (which I hate to use) is working over-time!
Still there's no point in complaining...Summer will be here before I know it...I'll save all my whining for then.

Just a few things I wanted to show you...

like this just finished vintage sheet (and other bits and pieces, including some lovely, lovely barkcloth...) quilt. 

I'm not overly thrilled with it, but for only my second attempt at real sewing it's not too bad. As you can see, I am yet to attempt proper quilting...I find just sewing up and down the channels (I think that's what they're called?) quite tricky - there is so much bulk to fit in, under and around the sewing machine...I'll be braver and give it a go next time. Probably.

p.s. any tips are more than welcome!

In the pics you can also see some lovely vintage pillowcases I picked up for thirty cents each recently ( I think vintage pillowcases will be the new vintage sheets!) and our new iconic cushion too.

And here is a pic of the pretty vintage sheet I used to back my quilt
found at a garage sale...I have a pair in pink too

p.p.s. one  day I would like to make a quilt as beautiful as this one

I also wanted to show you my Nan's vase which I mentioned here 

the sticker on its base says:
Dorothea Hand Decorated Pottery Australia

 I was so happy to get my hands on it again after such a long time...and I think the other vases look better for having it with them don't you?

And, what do you think of this dining room


I like it very much...when the dust settles on our reno's I want a dining room that looks a lot like this one...
(we will need masses of storage for all our treasures, that's for sure!)

And this post wouldn't be complete without a pic of the Jedster

who has just survived (yesterday!) another trip to the Vet after greedily gobbling up a block of chocolate he found in someone's bedroom. A night in "hospital" and three hundred and eighty dollars(!) later he's home again and on the mend. We have spent a fortune on this little dog but he's worth every penny! (hopefully not too many more though...)

Lastly, I just want to let you know that the latest issue of Covet Garden magazine is available now

it's well worth checking out, and you can here
(the blackboard wall in this house is one of the best I've seen)

Thanks for reading my ramblings. Very much. I'll end with a quick scribble my daughter Annabel did on the back of a paper napkin yesterday

I really like it BUT I hope it's not of me and her Dad!


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  1. I think your quilt is fabulous.

    You obviously managed to fit it under the sewing machine ... that's a concern of mine when I start a Queen Sized quilt.

    Some people tell me for the actual 'quilting' stage, they send it to a professional quilter with a quilting machine. Though that costs about as much as an overnight visit to the vet.

  2. So good to see you back again.I love that map on the wall and you have done a great job on the quilt.When I started doing patchwork many years ago I just did squares and sewed down the middle like you later on I started getting gamer I will share some pics soon as I have been thinking of doing a post on that anyway My biggest one was done using hand and machine stitch.I havnt patched for ages and have a satin crazy patch UFO still waiting to be finished.I have been wanting to get going again soon but keep putting it off.Love your daughters pic she has talent.I miss my dog but not the expense.xxxx

  3. oh puppy get well soon! soooo cute! i LOVE your quilt. it's perfect, don't be so hard on yourself. 30 cents for pillowcases!!!????? SCORE! vintage pillowcases are the best thing since sliced bread. ps. would LOVE to see a pic of your little lady in her floral jumpsuit...and pps. you don't seem old enough to have a 7yr old let alone an 18yr old!

  4. Actually your quilt is cracking and you should be proud of it. It's very cheerful and cozy - and you're going about it the right way, I think - learning to walk before you run - you might eventually get to the point of churning out something like the one you want to one day make but in the meantime what you have done is simply lovely.

    I saw a couple of similar quilts for sale at the boot sale this morning - just got home from my morning of treasure-truffling in misty fields - and they were nowhere near as pretty as yours yet some ladies were practically fighting over them. Be proud and love 'em, Kylie. You did good.

    I love that blue lamp next to your bed - the turquoise base with the floral shade. Beautiful.

    And yeah that dining room is highly covetable - I'd love something like that - I like white bright simple - sort of industrial farmhouse shabby chic- rooms more and more.

  5. Ahhh! I love your room. Your quilt is gorgeous! You done good lady :)

    I cant give tips for quilting a large quilt- I have only tried to quilt a queen sized bed quilt once before- and I did the same thing (went down the 'channels'- its called stitching in the ditch)! I have thought about getting a quote for having a lovely pattern quilted by someone who has a long-arm machine- aka 'the lady' (that what my mum calls the person who offers the service hehe).

    The other (potentially expensive option) is looking in to a drop-in table for your sewing machine because then you can keep everything flat.

    Cant stop thinking that I love the burnt colours in your quilt- so good!

  6. Your quilts ADORABLE you CLEVER girl....I would be THRILLED to have it atop my bed.... :o) !!

    Annabel seems quite the artist....Maybe that's how she sees you in her 'minds eye'....**wink**....!!

    I hope poor little Jedster's back to his old self soon....!!

    Have a GREAT week....!

    Tamarah :o)

  7. Love your quilt! I think you should be chuffed to bits with it, and its amazing for only a 2nd attempt. That also turned out to be one expensive bar of choc! Glad Jedster ok. Scarlett x

  8. your quilt looks lovely.and jedster is cute.x

  9. Your quilt looks mighty fine to me! I love the look you have in your bedroom and I think the quilt just finishes it off beautifully. Don't get hung up on perfection. Embrace any homemade little imperfections (that's what I tell myself!). Love the old map too.

  10. Your quilt is great! Love it!
    Liz (Shortbread & Ginger)

  11. I think your quilt is lovely and like the colors you chose for it. As for quilting it, I would find a good book and do a smaller piece first like a pillow cover or sham. The dining room is stunning! Your little dog is so cute, good post!

  12. I think your quilt is just perfect. In fact, I like every picture here, my house looks quite uninspiring by comparison.

  13. kylie, i love your quilt! really!!! it amazes me that you only consider yourself a beginner when it comes to sewing cos man oh man-- it's BEAUTIFUL!!!

    poor jedster (and your pocketbook!) but yes-- WORTH EVERY PENNY!


  14. Lovely!!! Good for you with the quilt! It helps to roll the quilt up to help fit it in to the throat of the sewing machine. There are some great tutorials on the web. Check Oh Fransson's blog for some great quilting tutorials.

  15. Great patterns on those vintage sheets!

  16. Lovely quilt, you've done a great job. It looks very warm and inviting.

    Oh the dear little puppy! They are just scallywags when it comes to food.

  17. i LOVE the colours on the vintage sheet! 's looking warm & cosy for wintertime. imagine these in a quilt, which as you say, you haven't attempted... you're halfway there with this sheet, though!
    and a star in the making, that daughter o' yours. i like her characters, fictional, or not (ahem).
    and i agree on the magic of the gigantic blackboard... what a clever idea... lovely looking magazine too. makes me dream, gal....!

  18. Kylie love that world map it is just the right amount of wear....

  19. i love that vintage sheet for backing, gorgeous!

  20. Hi Kylie - great to see that you are back 'on air' again. What a lovely quilt - its so nice that vintage material can have a second lease on life! Thanks for leaving the comment on my blog. It’s funny - as kids it was the more gaudy pictures that had the most appeal, now as adults we can appreciate the subtler (& more dramatic) ones - Sharon.

  21. You're not in love with that quilt!? It's amazing! AMAZING! The color palette is swoon worthy. You're making me wish that I knew how to sew even a single stitch.

  22. love the quilt... and that backing sheet is gorgeous!! you are very clever! I am too scared to finish my quilt off for fear of ruining it... eek!

    have a fabulous week :) p.s - thanks for your lovely comments over at my blog xx

  23. So great to have you back Kylie!!!
    Hope you had a good and refreshing break!

    Love your quilt and I think you've done a fantastic job for your first sewing experience!!!

    Keep warm my friend!! xx

  24. P.S. I've lately joined the local Brown Owls group here in Adelaide and I love the creative atmosphere and crafty ladies!
    You might like to try and check if there is a Perth group as well (I'm almost sure there is!) and give it a go, I have the feeling you would like it!
    Check out their blog:

  25. Kylie, that is one stunning quilt. I love it so much that I'm going to bookmark it and gaze at it adoringly every so often as is my want (yes, I'm bonkers, I know). Jedster (love the name) is a very naughty doggie indeed but glad he's OK.